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Authentic Growth Blueprint

Jun 7, 2020

In this episode we dive deeper into Curtis’s story as we discuss what it was like for him growing up with a father who adopted him and what it was like navigating a loving, but messy family. In our society, divorce and broken families are becoming more common and it’s causing a lot of pain.


In this episode, we will learn powerful lessons on forgiveness and the importance of leaning into discomfort as we discuss using our experience (positive or negative) for personal growth.


“Every time you speak into someone, you have no idea of the potential power that act has.”


What we discuss with Dr. Andy


  • The freedom that comes with forgiveness 17:30
  • The life changing power of unconditional love and gratitude 7:55
  • Not waiting for crisis points to have tough conversations - lean into discomfort for liberation; How this works in your personal life and in leadership 20:24
  • The opportunity that we all have to fill a void in someone else’s life 27:30
  • Breaking cycles of shame in families 28:50 


Reflection Question


What is a necessary conversation or interaction that you are avoiding because of the fear of discomfort? What will it feel like for you once that difficult conversation is behind you? 


Resources from this Episode


Authentic Growth Blueprint


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Dr. Andy Garrett

With a doctorate in clinical psychology and extensive studies in life coaching and consultancy, Dr. Andy Garrett is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement towards personal growth. Dr. Andy is the author of the Authentic Growth Blueprint program and runs his clinical practice in Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Claremont California.

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